Beta3 Weather widget can´t bind value



Using the new rotini beta3 version and having trouble with the Weather-widget.
If I add a Weather-widget I can´t bind anything at the “Temperature” or “Condition”. It says “No matching items”.
(This was working in prev.version)
However when adding new “elements” it finds all the values like temp,hum, windspeed etc. that I have available.

Running Home Assistant as platform.


What weather components are you using?
Might be specific to some weather components, since I just checked and seems to work in general.


Lets see….
I´m using the Weather component in Home assistant.
I get all values from this component turned into

I also have 3 other local temperature-sensors that uses MQTT, and one sensor that uses 433Mhz.
All of these are not available in the Rotini Weather-widget when choosing the main temperature and condition.
Seems it will not list sensor-entities.

But when adding them as element they become visible in the list to choose from.

So for these sensors I´m using
platform: yr
platform: mqtt
and the platform Telldus Live for the 433Mhz sensor.


Same here. Yr temperature was working before, but not anymore