Can't bind motion sensor items



Hi Igor,

I’m trying to add motion sensors to Room widget, but it seems like HomeHabit is only listing Contact items. I’m still using OpenHAB 2.3 where motion sensors are set up as Switch items so I can’t bind these. As far as I see this is also the case with recent OpenHAB version so shouldn’t the Switch items also be listed in this case?


@acittlau are there any benefits to have motions as switches in your setup?
Switches are excluded because this is not common and I see it as being confusing for majority of the users to have something like lights listed in a sensor widget context.
But I do want to understand more about your setup, if there are some use case I’m missing.


@igor Not sure about benefits. I have set them up as switches only because the OpenHAB documentation indicates that this is the way to do it.

Example from ;

// Aqara Motion Sensor
Switch MotionSensor_MotionStatus { channel=“mihome:sensor_motion_aq2:::motion” }

I also have some 433MHz motion sensors (Nexa LMDT-609) which are transmitting ON and OFF commands, so I am assuming these need to be set up as switches.


@acittlau ok, let me see what can be done in this case