Domoticz temp/humidity selection + Selector swich


Hi. Great and very sleek looking app. Miles ahead of the original Domoticz app, and my favourite by far.

I have transmitters in my Domoticz that are showing both temp and humidity, however, when selecting gagues in HomeHabit, I only get humidity part of the sensor. If I add the same sensor as a temperature feedback for a thermostat, I do get the temperature. Is it possible to fix this parsing in the coming betas? Either to be able to select the temperature part of the device (as for thermostat feedback), or to add a gague with both temp and hum.

Also, It would be awesome to be able to add selector switches (presemce, mode etc.)

(I have currently bypassed the issue by creating new virtual devices that are copying only temperature, and addit the new device in HomeHabit)
Much obliged :slight_smile:


@Em2k It is currently not possible to do when one device has more than one attribute such as both temperature and humidity that are bindable to a widget. This is a planned improvement for the future, but no timeline when it is going to be available yet.

Happy you like the app. Thank you for the nice words!


@Em2k just wanted to update: selector switches are supported now in Beta 16 release, and humidity should be bindable in the next release.


Sweet. That’s awesome. Already using selector switches, and it works great. Best and cleanest app for Domoticz by far. Keep up the good work :smiley: