Feedback Preview 19


Hi Igor

Did a few tests today. Here my feedback:


Weather: From the Weather-Binding I get right now conditions “partly-cloudy-day”, “mostly-cloudy-day” and “few-showers”. All these conditions are mentioned as unknown in this version.

Missing Widgets:

  • Slider
  • Mode --> already confirmed that it’s coming :slight_smile:
  • Weather Forecast --> already confirmed that it’s coming :slight_smile:
  • Temperaure Widget with the possibility to add humidity and air quality (as in the legacy version). The reason for that is that I don’t have Thermostat-Control. I just want to display my Netatmo-Measurements.
  • Light-Color to control Hue-Bulps

Missing Features:

  • Volume Control for Media Widget
  • Image Item Support for openHAB (Album Cover)
  • Swipe down to refresh (already mentioned in another thread)
  • Min/Max for Gauge (I remember that this is coming…)


  • Sunset / Sunrise Time for Clock-Widget
    (something like that but with official symbols. I already had this idea for the legacy version :wink:
  • Swiping left and right to switch between the different dashboards (pages)

Hope this helps to make this app better and better. I still miss a few things from above list to finally jump to this new version.



Michael, thanks for the detailed feedback! Need to check on a few of these, will respond shortly.


Igor, one feature that I really like in the legacy version is to wakeup the device (disable screensaver) by an openHAB-Item. Is this already on your list? :wink:


Yes, that will be added.


Igor, one more thing: Is there a reason why the action widget doesn’t show number items?


There is an issue with string-number conversion, so it hasn’t been added yet. The conversion issue would be solved for scene widget, so action widget should get that functionality at the same time or soon thereafter.


Out of curiosity, in what kind of use case do you use this?


To disable screensaver as soon as I stand in front of my wall mounted tablet. For that I have placed a motion sensor near to it. So the answer to your question is that I don’t have to touch the tablet :smiley: Sometimes I just want to see something without any control…


Aha, sounds very useful indeed. Thanks, going to look into it as well.
If you have the tablet in a ‘busy’ place like a living room won’t it stay on all the time? Or do you use a small range pir? (does that even exist?)


Yes, this is quite tricky. You have to find a place that is not too busy, otherwise it sucks :smiley:


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A lot of relevant updates has been done in the last few releases, so good time to address the status on these.

Fixed in Preview 22

Both added now

Coming soon

Nothing in the works, but could be a future improvement.



Needs investigation

Not planned at this moment

Max is added now. Min is planned.

Some kind of sunrise/set UI planned

This has not been carried over from the legacy version to allow more control for widgets, without conflicting with swipe. No plans to re-add it at this point.


Thanks for this update!

BTW…Image Item Support for openHAB (Album Cover)

There is a channel in the Sonos-Binding that can be used (String-Item):

Current Album Cover Art URL
Cover art URL of the album currently playing

This is already working with rotini und media-widget :slight_smile:


You need to also have the ability to turn off the screen (activate the screen saver, add a screensaver type - disabled screen, timeout - openhab command (eg)).
Why do I need it:
When I leave the house, the garage, etc., I do not need the screen to glow in vain, and when I come, I want it to show the widgets constantly until I’m gone again. I’m doing this with monitors on windows, it’s very cool!