FR: Camera pop-up on click


Hey there,

Discovered this last night and very excited! Using MQTT Dashboard at the moment and am going to see if I can replicate with HH.

One thing that is instantly missing though is the ability to click a video camera feed and get a pop-up. Is that doable?


Thanks for checking out the app!
Camera feed in popup is in development now, should be available in one of the future releases.


Brilliant, thank you. Do you think there would be any way to call that pop up from a webhook/external URL? Would be nice to have HA instruct the pop-up when an event happens.


Some way of presenting camera is planned, but I don’t know what kind of triggers will be available yet.
It is unlikely to be a webhook since the app currently doesn’t expose any interface for that. Most likely it will be something along the lines of reacting on a state change from the platform.

What platform are you using?


@igor Home Assistant with MQTT. When someone pushes my doorbell, HA take a snapshot and stores this. It is then updated in my current dashboard. Would be great to pop up fullscreen for 7s when the image updates.


Great, thanks for the info. Will update with any changes related to this.