Humidity sensor not available in Room widget (Home Assistant)



Hi @igor I was trying to use sensors in Room widget (home-assistant) but can only get temperature to work. Even humidity won’t work.

  1. is it possibl to add own units manually? Like for moisture or soil values? (talking for miplant component running on an ESP32)

  2. is is possible somehow to show sensors with their units native from hass? Just by adding a sensor?

Room Widget : Larger icons and also more sensors?

This has been fixed, it is available on the beta channel, or will be available in the next release.

Not possible for room widget yet, should be improved in the future.

This wasn’t planned specifically, but I will see if it possible to do.


@igor Ooooooo beta channel?


@TommySharp I mean beta enrollment inside the Play Store on the app listing page. Beta versions get pushed out every few days in between main releases.


Thanks for the reply but i use latest version and sensors won’t show up. Another thing: I’d like having switches / lights in room widget… I can add switch but it won’t allow me to add a light for that. >Is that planned?


What is the app version?


Can you give more detailed how it is not working? You can’t install it at all?


Ok, that version should have it. What is the Home Assistant component that has humidity sensor?



It’s a sensor with attribute % and state with humidity value…I’m using xiaomi sensors and esphome for reading out humidity and temperature ble devices


This is very helpful! Let me check on it


I try to help where I can :wink: I’ll make a list of bugs and the related videos I think it’s the best way to do though


Is this taken on Beta 14 (2153) version?


nope… 2169 even… i still have the issue that i sometimes have to swap between two apps to get icons or entites … :confused: Might be my phone also … Xiaomi note 5


Maybe, there was a bug that might have been related, but it should be fixed in that version.
It is definitely a weird bug.


But you could see that in my video right?


Yes, definitely still were :slight_smile:


know what’s the issue now, device_class humidity wasn’t recognized correctly, so it was treated as generic numeric sensor instead. Fix should be coming soon.


Great! Thanks!


Fix is rolling out in Beta 14 (2170)