Issues with first release




thanks for adding me to the early access. I have started to create my first dashboard with openhab connected. First problems:

  • Only landscape modus is working
  • Weather does not show any item to bind
  • Is the calendar widget ready?
  • Group items are not discovered

best regards René


This was one of initial the trade offs because fixed widget position in dashboard setup. It is definitely planned, but no ETA yet.

That’s a bug with OH integration, should be fixed soon.

This widget will be slightly delayed.

What type of items are in the group? Only switch groups are supported for now.



Thanks for the clarification. My Wall Mounted Tablet is in Portrait Mode. So landscape is unusable for me :frowning: Also it makes not really sense anymore to use it with an smartphone if only landscape is supported. I hope this feature will be implemented within the next release. I have used the Rotoni alpha as my main SmartHome application but without the portrait feature it becomes unusable for me.


Portrait mode will be able before previous alpha version is sunsetted, so you should be able to just use legacy version for a bit longer.


Cool sounds good :slight_smile:



  • I am also not able to bind an item to the thermostat widget. Nothing is shown
  • The weather widget shows after the latest update itmes. Temp is working but if I add the condition it shows unknown

best regards René


Thermostat widget is incomplete for OpenHAB yet, should be available in the next release.

Condition item should have commonId value for that to work. That’s most likely the reason.


I’m on Openhab and I don’t get any items to bind to.


@Aaron_Wakefield For which widget/property?


None of my items show up. Is there anyway I can make sure it is actually coming connected?


Not at the moment, that’s not exposed in UI yet. Are you on the latest (Preview 2) version?


I believe so as I downloaded about an hour ago.


Ok, then most likely yes (btw, version is stated in Support section).
Don’t have better answer at the moment than just wait for upcoming releases that will have connection validation and in general information about platform connections.


@Aaron_Wakefield the latest release has connection test during setup. To run it after platform was added, just edit the platform and go through the steps. Let me know how that goes.


Calendar widget is available in Beta 3 release.