Label widget


A widget that is only a text label would be great.


for me too…

// have to type 20 characters


me too. Some options like font-size, alignment, … whoud be nice.
if it is possible to add more than one text item and adjust the options per text item, then the community can build some nice widgets.


Value widget from Preview 18 release provides a way to have single text value in a widget.


I uses the old text widget from the legacy binding to show sunset and sunrise time. Will the Value widget accpect DateTime item? I’m struggeling to get it to work it just shows “–”


@Danonym1 yes, that was an oversight. DateTime items will bindable in the next version.


Wow, that was a fast response. Okay, thanks :slight_smile:


@Danonym1 This has been fixed in a patch release which is currently being published in the Play Store.
Just to note, the date value will be raw, unformatted, as with any item value shown in Value widget.


@igor, it seems that the value widget does not show anything if the binded item is a group.
I have a Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) item that ORs a couple of sensors and provides a final value. Unfortunately, the value displayed is always -- while the item state is either ON or OFF.