Last Update Crashes app



Like topic said, i am not able to open the app since last update (Beta).
App crashes immediately on my fire HD10.
No error shown, only a force close of the app.


@Boogieman Thanks for the report. Do you know which version you had before the update?


Not really, sorry.


any chance you remember when did you update it the time before last, even if approximately?


I guess two or three weeks before, but thats not really what you want to hear. Any Chance you can send me one or two apks before and I can test them?


that’s actually a bit helpful, there were a lot of beta releases, so it at least shows that it is not something recent. Downgrading can actually corrupt the data in storage, so it’s best to avoid that.


OK, so I will wait for an update


Do you have app installed on any non-Fire Android device?
I’m thinking because it is non-standard device crash cannot be reported with logs as on most Android systems, so no way to figure out what’s going on. Tested on few Fire tablets too, and it is working fine.


On my OnePlus 6 it is working fine.
I have only this problem on my fire HD10 with fire OS
Clearing app cache doesn’t solve the problem.


by clearing app cache, do you mean clear all app data? don’t you loose all your dashboards after that?


Cleared only cache, not data. This should save dashboard


Any Idea what I can do else? Its my wallmounted tablet I normally use all day


I’m trying to see if I can put some way to share some data for testing when crash happens. Will update.


Just wanted to update that new version that will allow share logs from the crash is still in progress. Sorry for the delay.


Something new here?


New build is rolling out now, should be available within a few hours. Most likely it won’t fix the crash, but it will allow you to upload crash logs in case of repeated startup crashes.
After the upgrade, launch the app at least 3 times. After first 2 crashes, the app will enter into “safe mode” and you would see screen below. That will allow you to submit crash report.

Thank you for your patience with this!


Thx @igor
Report has been sent


Thanks for reporting! New build with a fix is rolling out.


Will report if new build is available and installed


Great job. App starts normally and seems to work perfectly again.
Thanks for this fast fix.