Light Widget DImmer functionality limited to Color Items



When I try to add a Light widget, change it to dimmer, it only shows me items that accept RGB Values, not my normal dimmers. When I switch to “Switch”, it also shows my normal dimmers, but selecting one and switching back to dimmer makes it turn red and not work. So the light widget can only be used as a dimmer for items that accept RGB Values right now.



I’m facing the same problem. OpenHAB dimmer items are not available when selecting dimmer in light widget - only colour items are listed.

This doesn’t concern light widget, but, since it’s not a critical bug, I don’t want to open a new topic just to report this. Namely, when switching orientation from portrait to landscape, widget icons (e.g. presence widget, switch widget) move (they are moved to left side, instead of being centred).

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Just in case it is of somewhat use.
I can verify that this function is working with HomeAssistant.



Thanks for reporting. Fixed in the patch release (rolling out now).