Map widget



Hi Igor,

Does the map widget actually work already? I’m trying to get it working and I tried a couple combinations on the location / trackers. But no luck. So whether it is me doing something wrong or is the widget still not finished and working properly?



@Wesley_Neij it should be generally working, but there are issues with displaying Google map on some devices, so that might what you experiencing as well. Does widget look just blank off-white color?


Yes indeed, just white color. Anything I can do to fix it?


Not really. This is a very weird issue and not reliably reproducible on our end, so that’s why delay in getting it fixed. I will take another look soon, maybe more luck this time, and update after that.


Okay… Got my fingers crossed. If you need any testing or feedback let me know and thanks for the quick response :wink:


Hi same problem here,

I use an Samsung galaxy S9 and and Galaxy Tab S 8,7. On both devices I see only an white blank page with the google icon.

best regards René