No updates for project rotini on google play


I just tried to upgrade to HomeHabit but it requests that a newer version of the former Project Rotini App be installed. So far there’s no new version for Project Rotini App in Google Play Store. Does anyone else experience the same?


It usually takes up to 24 hours for Play Store to roll out updates to everyone. Check back a bit later.


thank you, i’ll check


Update and migration to HomeHabit worked fine for me on FireHD 10.
Great work so far.

My opinion -> blue is much more beautiful


Yep, mine too, after the Play store released the new version of Project Rotini App, migration to HomeHabit was flawless and quick. Thank you!!! Great work!


@Boogieman/@kcarriello It is great to hear that migration worked for you. Thank you for the nice words! :grinning: