Nothing new for a while


Hey all,

I hope you are all well. There hasn’t been anything new for a while, and I just wanted to check if everything is alright and maybe if something big is being worked on?

Kind regards



I’m also wondering if this “one-man-show” can really be successful, when supporting multiple smart home solutions. As it’s not an open source project, the development is always limited to Igor… A roadmap with timelines would be great / helpful.


Definitely more updates are coming soon. Most of the work recently is going internally to prepare for main release of the app, which is the reason for fewer releases. After that milestone, new features will be the main focus again.
iOS app is also in the works.

Btw, this isn’t a “one-man-show” anymore, there is a small but dedicated team working on the project :slight_smile:
Stay tuned!


Goog to know that everything is on the path.


Hi Igor,
How about bugs. As of now the new apps are not as good as the old legacy version. I would rather expect a new version which has feature parity (working) as bringing lots of new features and none of them are working stable.

In short. Focus on quality rather than quantity.



@michelm Generally new app should be much more stable than legacy version. Since you do experience some bugs, can you report those, in case these are specific to device/setup? That would be extremely helpful! Thanks.


Hi Igor, as shown here Calendar Bug I’m reported a problem already in Mai and it’s still showing the same bug. Also the camera widget is not working for me. I just tried both today with the latest Home Habit version and both are not working. Until this is not fixed I’m not continue on the migration.

Maybe you can have a look at the issues. For camera it might be this one OpenHAB Camera Issue

Also the app crashes after a couple of minutes. I used the Feedback function to send the logs to you.

To sum up: Legacy is working fine and Home Habit seems to be in an early stage. Looking forward to see this app become more stable.