Problems trying to switch from Legacy to HH


Hi Guys,
My last post I have committed in dead thread so once again:
@igor I’m trying to switch from Legacy to HH but I’m facing two problems:

  1. Dimmer/Rollershutter - in Legacy version I used light-dimmer widget for both dimmers and rollershutters it was nice, useful and space-saving solution, is there any way to reproduce it(ie. gauge with write function)? For me sliders will be too big or not enough precise. Unfortunately I also will experience sharp drop of WAF.
  2. Thermostat - someone has already asked about it, is there any way to customize this widget (ie. only binded values will show)? In Legacy version temperature widget had only temp/hum values and exactly this two I need to show in HH.
    I found it @ room widget, but again, I don’t need image. Is it possible to hide not binded elements?

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I have strange problem with dimmer widget, it doesn’t respond for 0 and 100% value, it works only between 1-99%? Any idea what’s wrong?
Another issue is it would be great if i could reverse slider, 0% at top (right) and 100% at bottom (left) side of slider


If you mean that it was opening a popup with large dimmer control, something similar is planned. I will have more details later.

Something similar to temperature widget in Legacy might be added in the future.
Regarding room widget, image will be hidden when not bound in the next release.


What is the OH version?


Legacy version with OH 1.8.2 works well
I’m happy to hear that you’re planning such functionality
Big thanks