Project Rotini Legacy


@Jeff added your email from this community


Hey Igor still not working, I will check tomorrow.


Thanks for the update


If you still won’t be able to update through play store, please go to and make sure it is says that your are a tester or join otherwise.


I also lost access to update legacy


@milty456 added your email, please try again shortly and try using enroll link in the previous post, if needed


Same here - please add :slight_smile:
I haven’t had time to migrate to the new version yet.

Thank you!


It worked this morning, so I am online again :slight_smile:


Hello Igor,
i also lost access to update legacy version, could you please prolongate access ?
Thank you!


@Ghostface @Slawomir_Ksiazek Emails added


Great to hear. Thanks for the update


Hi Igor,

any chance you can add my email back to legacy also?


@acittlau added


Please can you add my email too?


Maybe you could also answer my question


Thank you, this is much appreciated. All devices updated and back in use now :slight_smile:


Email added


Can you please add me as well. Thank you


@Ray_Burton added


Hi Igor, I’d be happy if you can add me as well. Thank you!