Room widget - image binding not availible


I am using with homeassistant and a samsung galaxy tab A. When i go to bind a photo to a room widget, the only options it allows me to bind to are home assistant objects. If i try to select a backdrop though, it will work as normal and allow me to select any image on my device or google drive.


@czoog Thanks for reporting an issue and welcome to the community!

Local images picker is supported only for dashboard backdrop at the moment.
This functionality is planned. I will update when available.


thanks @igor ! So my best bet for now is to use a text based config to get this functionality?


I don’t think it would be possible in text-based config, since it wouldn’t know about local on-device images. If I understood you correctly.


right, but i could point it to a accessible url on somthing like google photos?


yes, definitely, any public url would work in text-based config.
I would recommend as temporary workaround instead of using text-based config, to use export configuration from Settings, then modify .json file manually, and import it back. This way ability to edit dashboard through UI will be preserved.
Let me know if you have any problem with doing that.


Great idea! Thanks Igor. BTW this app is really great! I am deploying it on my 3 wall tablets!


My pleasure!
Very glad to hear that you are going to use it on your devices. Do let us know about any future feedback you will have.