Screensaver enhancements



in order for the “screensaver” to be useful, there are 2 features which I am missing right now:

  1. The clock should move over the screen, at a speed which should be configurable in the options
  2. Most important the screen should reduce the brightness, there’s no point in the screensaver being as bright as the main app, so the brightness should be adjusted once it enters screensaver mode and reset once it returns to the main App.

Would be awesome if you could evaluate the options we have here.


What is the benefit of that?


Prevent the screen from burning in, the entire purpose of having a screensaver.


The screensaver clock already gradually moves in the center of the screen in a circular way to prevent burn in.
If you look at it for a minute or so, it should be noticeable.


Okay, i will check that. I’m also having a little issue with the screensaver when using rotini as launcher: Enabling stay awake takes a few attempts (unlocking the device and wait) until its enabled. Disabling sane thing, except the screensaver gets entered again and again, so exiting and waiting until it starts again. After some times it applies the settings.



it would be also great to see specific informations on the screensaver which are bindable like temp etc.


I think the screensaver works great as is, i use it as my main watch in the living room already!! :grinning:
But some improvements are always welcome.
A way to add maybe 3 values only (in the same style as the clock, just smaller font) would be nice. Eg 27C, 50%, 1200W - to show inside temp, heat pump power and house hold energy meter…
Also enabling the camera to wake up the screen would be HIGHLY WELCOME!!