Show actual icons in Documentation


Would be great to see what the actual icons look like in the documentation…


I agree! I do not give a vote, they say limit: (


Fully agree!
Besides the documentation for text-based configuration needs improvement in all terms.


@michelm Please make any specific suggestion you have about what can be improved. It is hard to extrapolate your needs from a general statement. Thanks!


Hi Igor, you’re right. Trying to give you some more precise feedback.

  • Widgets in general: provide a screenshot for each widget
  • Light widget: would be good to mention what are the three values for color config set is for. I guess RGB values?
  • Thermostat widget: what is the state option for?
  • Weather widget: would be nice to know what is the default size depending on the options you provide.
  • Icons: Maybe provide a URL / Link where all icons are shown who they look


Great, thanks for the feedback. Comments below:


Will be added

Current state of thermostat (heating, cooling). Thermostat widget is not complete yet, so there will be improvements as well

Agreed, should be improved



Hi Igor, as already discussed you might also add some comment to the camera widget, which kind of stream/image for the binding is expected.
For the Thermostat widget you said that the state defines (heating/cooling). But what kind of corresponding item I define in OpenHAB? Is it a Switch Item with ON=Heating/OFF=Cooling, a Number with 1=Heating/0=Cooling or just a string item where I can set any text?



Also I just figured out that the values for the color widget are not RGB values but HSL values. This might also be very useful information in the documentation.