Shutter widget - IHC


Been some time, but diving back into the new PR!

I’m using the latest PR version, OH2.3 and an IHC binding.

First of all, if I select ‘reverse’, the only thing that changes seems to be the icon, which shows activated or not. In my opinion, reversed means that the meaning of 0% and 100% get switched. Now the status of the shutter is 100%, which is shown as ‘closed’ - in my setup however, it means it is 100% open - so it should show open. Going from 0 to 100 in my setup is ‘opening’, PR now shows it as ‘closing’. I can work around it and adjust the values, but since you implemented a ‘reverse’ option, this might be good code inside the app?

The next one might be related to this bug: Shutter Widget - Status error, while
Whenever the shutter starts moving because I press a direction, the middle button changes into a stop sign for a second and then changes into an open or closed icon. When I press the middle button, it seems to send the current value, rather than the STOP command.