Spped of updates?


Hey @Igor are you actively working on new versions? What sort of timeframe are you looking at to get to a feature parity with the old legacy version? Mainly remote access etc…


@TommySharp the app is definitely in active development, with new versions being released almost every week.
The feature parity is not the primary goal, since some features in legacy version are just not that popular or don’t fit into new dashboard layout. So some features might still be planned, but a lower priority if not a lot of requests are coming for it. Remote access specifically is in a planning stage, so it likely will be available early next year.

In general, some phone device oriented features (remote access, location tracking) are lesser priority at this moment with target to have the best standalone tablet dashboard experience first.


What do you both mean with “remote access”
For me it is fully working if I use
for platform URL

Hope there will be a soon multilanguage support. Do you need help for german translations? Feel free to ask


@Boogieman Remote access is when platform can be setup with local network URL that’s used when connected to home wifi and then remote URL (something like dyndns or myopenhab) when not on local network. The app would automatically switch as soon as you connect/disconnect to local network.


Thats the way i am using the homehabit app on my oneplus 6 smartphone.
On tablet i am using the local url and on my smartphone the remote url via myopenhab. Ok, it is not switching automatically between local or remote, but at this time i don’t need it.


@boogieman, I had not even tried that… That will suit me just fine as I just use my phone to open the electric gate when I am almost home…

Although I think in the legacy version data usage and refreshing of images was less frequent when in remote mode.


Thanks @Igor, I guess Im looking at the announcements forum and that’s where if expect to see activity on all the releases… That would give anyone looking at this forum the sense that regular updates are taking place.

Plus we would see a history of the changes as the play store only shows the most recent changes that i can see…