Ssl certificate


Might be a good idea to add a way to skip ssl certificate warning.

Probably a lot of Home Assistant users like myself, use local IP to access the HA front end (on wifi), and since I have ssl certificate for duckdns domain mplemented, I get ssl warning and can’t start Rotini at all.


From my understanding, duckdns HASS component should use Let’s Encrypt certificate, which should be a valid certificate, is it not?


Yes it does and the certificate works just fine from outside my local network, but since my provider’s router does not support NAT loopback, I have to access HA from my IP address when at home (and not the duckdns address). And since my certificate is setup from it gives an error when accessed from https://192.168.1.xx.

It’s a pretty common issue and currently there are no workarounds (other then setting up some sort of DNSmasque server). In Chrome you can skip the warning but not in your app.

I hope I’m making sense here :slight_smile:


Oh, got it. Will see what can be done about that.