Sub dashboards


It would be super useful to have a option to create a sub dashboard. For example if I have a main dashboard called “Basement” then I could have buttons on the main dashboard to a sub dashboard for each room in the basement.

As an extension to this it would be nice to be able to hide the dashboard selection completely so I could instead have buttons on the dashboard to load other dashboards.


Wouldn’t this be covered by using number of pages already available for each dashboard (currently limited to 5)?


Kind of. The 5 dashboards limit is one of the issues but I would like to be able to hide the dashboard selector on the left then instead use tiles on the dashboard itself to navigate between dashboards.

For example.

         +--Audio Panel
         +--Lights Panel
    +--Living Room
         +--Audio Panel
         +--Lights Panel

This way I can have a main dashboard, click on a tile which goes into another dashboard then tiles in that sub dashboard to go into a sub-sub dashboard.

What is the practical use?
I have a ton of IOT devices so being able to hide dashboards in other dashboards is super useful.


Yes, buttons that link to other dashboards will be a great feature for navigation.


I’m still not sure I understand what is the benefit of having links to dashboard spread out all over rather than using existing dashboard pages on the left side with consistent position.


I also agree with the others that it would be more appealing and more user friendly (for members of the family that are not tech savy) to be able to hit a tile to bring you to another page. And have a tile that would bring it back to the main screen. As a matter of fact, I’ve been trying to figure this out for the past 15 min. Thought for sure that it would have been under “Actions”


@igor I need people to be able to use Rotini without any training… Lots of people will not know to click on the little icon to bring up the side menu.

I think this feature would be very important to allow people to setup their interface and navigation in a way that suits them.


@TommySharp in your usage, do you have multiple dashboards you need to switch between instead of pages? or you have very large number of widgets?


If there could be more than 5 pages per dashboard then I’d want to be able to link through pages…

But I’d probably setup dashboards for each room and then want to link to those. Because people wouldn’t intuitively know how to find the other dashboards.

My ideal would be one page that has a bunch of room widgets and then people can navigate from there.


@igor More than 5 pages would be great! My smarthome and ideas are growing every day :slight_smile: