Just starting to use the app on an old Nexus 7 with Fully Kiosk using Home Assistant. So far so good.

A couple of problems:

  • Can’t add nest thermostat - no available entities when I try to add.

A few suggestions, which may already be in the works or implemented but I have missed.

  • Input_number as a slider or dimmer
  • Lights or light groups as dimmer
  • Notifications - send notifications from controller to HomeHabit
  • Commands - send commands to HomeHabit from controller (change page, start/stop screensaver etc.)
  • Camera pop-up - would be great if I could send a command to HomeHabit to bring up a camera full screen for a specified amount of time (say the doorbell rings and the camera pops up)

I will continue to have a play with it, thanks for the development though, it’s a great app!


Can you copy what attributes device has on a /dev-state page in Home Assistant. Nest thermostat is supported through HA in general (using it myself), so there might be something different there.

current_temperature: 22.5
min_temp: 9
max_temp: 32
temperature: 19
operation_mode: off
operation_list: off,heat,eco
away_mode: off
friendly_name: Living Room
supported_features: 1153