Transformed strings from Openhab are not shown correctly in Value widget



@Boogieman the next beta release will have it


Should it be in the latest Beta from yesterday?
Because it is still not working.


@Boogieman no, the version with the fix didn’t go out yet. Should be out tomorrow. Sorry for the wait.


@Boogieman New beta channel version that contains the fix has been pushed out minutes ago. Let me know how it goes. Might take few hours to get to your Play Store.


Will try it tomorrow when I am at home.


It is fully working. Great Job


That’s great! Thanks for confirming.


But number items are gone in the selection list for mode widgets?!?


EDIT: Actually let me confirm, the change in previous version might have affected this, when number items are processed as strings.

If understand your message correctly, number items were not supported for mode widget (scene widget?).
Can you provide more details about item config and widget config not working?


I think your understanding is correct.

For example:
This is an item configured for selecting the fan power of my xiaomi vacuum

Number actionFan "Vacuum Fan" (gVac) {channel="miio:vacuum:03D9E16D:actions#fan" }

Until now, I used it in scene widget. But now if I want to bind an item, there are only text (string) items in the selection list. Neither in standard style nor in mode style.

An other example
A simple proxy number item to choose different scenes for my hues

Number proxy_scene

to which I send a simple number and a rule does the rest.


@Boogieman Thank you for the details. Problem has been identified, fix should be ready soon.


@Boogieman New beta version is out.


Transformation works fine and items are completly back in selection list.
Great Job :+1: