Wake Screen


It would be nice to have a way to wake the screen either via the built in camera or another senor tied to it like remote motion sensor or even a door opening.


This is one of functionalities available in the legacy version. Will available soon!


I would like to control the switching on and off of the screen with the help of the openHub2 element, is it possible to do this?


@Olymp This is planned. Please upvote this idea to show your support.


I somehow can not vote, writes - limit, I do not understand what I have to do.


@Olymp Please try now
There is a limit on votes based on user activity in community. I have increased those, since it doesn’t seem to be high enough for our community usage.


Thank you voted! For me, for today, this is the most important function.


Hi! Is the function of turning on / off the screen with the element OpenHAB2 soon?


@Olymp I can’t give any timeline, since there are a lot of issues at play. This feature is high on the list to be developed next though.


It pleases, thank you!