Weather widget configuration



I was wondering how you guys are using the weather widget in your setups.
For me these elements are important:

  • Current feel temperature
  • Summary of the expectation for today and tomorrow (e.g. Mostly cloudy until noon)
  • Expected rain today and tomorrow (percent chance)
  • Expected temperature tomorrow (min, max, average?)

How do you fit them in, what kind of layout? I would think that you use 2 widgets, one for today and one for tomorrow. But the layout of the widget is [icon-commonId-Temperature] and underneath that specific extra elements.
What do you use for the main temperature in the forecast widget? Would it be useful to have a minTemp and maxTemp elements as well?

And how do you populate the precipitation field? The value I have is a number, e.g. 20 which means there is a 20% chance of rain. But the value in the widget only shows – instead of the value, should I transform it?

Anyone who can post a picture of their weather setup/layout?



Hi, adding the weather widget now, I looked into how to show the forecast. I cant see any way to get a min\max temperature which would be very usefull. I think it was available in the legacy version, hopefully it will be added here aswell?


according igor a forecast-widget is coming :slight_smile:


Hi Igor,
When forecast widget will be available? is any ETA ?