Weather Widget - Font size


Hello @igor

This isn’t such a big deal, but weather widget would be much more usable (my opinion at least) if weather condition font was bigger (it’s really hard to read it, even on 10" tablet). Also, I think widget would look better if weather condition was aligned with something (temperature for example). Now it’s positioned just a bit left of the temperature, and it looks kinda weird. Maybe positioning it under the temperature, centering middle of the condition to the center of the temperature.

P.S. Didn’t want to open a new topic just to ask this, so, I’ll do it here:

  1. What type of data should be accepted by the value widget? I’m trying to display some rather small values, but all I get is 0 (the value has 6 decimal places).
  2. What OpenHAB item type Sensor widget (Type: Presence) accepts? Is it Contact, Switch, or something else?

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