Beta 3: Switches not working



Hi, I have just rebuilt my openhab2 - which is very cathartic - and am trying to get the Beta 3 working. I am connected to my oh server and it says its syncing. I can pull in the items and i can setup temp setting for my ecobee and my wunderground.

I cannot get my switches to work. I have 4 setup that connect via zwave. I have them setup in my basic ui just to test and they work fine there.




What OH version do you run?


Hey Igor, sorry I have been tied up and just had time tonight to work on this again.

I reloaded my box last week so I am on the 2.3 release of OH2. Tonight, I deleted my platform and the Dashboard and loaded them up again. The dashboard will find the items and says things are synced but it is not flipping any switches. I checked the log and I have nothing show up in the log either.

I setup a Habpanel just to check things out. It works fine.



I have a similar issue where my switches work… But if I lock my phone and then open the app again a few minutes later none of the switches work… If I kill the app and then open it again the switches work again…


@TommySharp what device and android version do you have?


I’ve got the Essential Phone and latest HomeHabit version.


Yup am fully up to date but still finding I generally have to exit the app and then re-open it to get things working if my phone has been locked or gone into standby.