Beta16 does not start



After upgrading to beta16 it does not start on my tablet with android 7.0. The application has been uninstalled and reinstalled. What could be the problem?


@Olymp Investigating now. There are no other reports about this problems, so it might be something about the app state or OS. Do you know when the app was reinstalled, was app data erased or restored?


I dont know. If you tell me how to reinstall with the complete removal of data, I will do it. Or what needs to be done to get a hint of the reason for you?
I sent a review from the app by checking the checkbox, sending log, hoping that it would help.
The tablet is used only for this application and nothing has been installed on it lately and no settings have changed.
Platform - OpenHAB2. The configuration is loaded from openHAB (projectrotini.json). I do not remember, but maybe there was still an old configuration made from the application.


Ok, thanks for the info! Let me see the logs that got submitted, will update.


I believe the root cause of the crash is determined. Patch is coming soon.


Patch build has been released. Let me know if that works for you.


Thank! It works now.

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