Can't use HomeHabit as Launcher




I installed HomeHabit today and the import worked very well. Unfortunately I was able to set HomeHabit as Launcher in the settings of my Device, but that didn’t get applied as Rotini continued to start up (in fact it asked me if I wanted to use rotini or the default Launcher). So next thing I tried was uninstalling Rotini, but that didn’t help either. Is this something that’s wrong on my device or is this a Bug?

Kind regards



Fixed for the next patch release. You will probably need to re-enable option in settings after the update.
Thank you for reporting the issue.


If you mean 2005, I can still not use it there. I’ve disabled and enabled it in the setings, even disabled, restarted and then enabled it again but no luck.


No, that would be 2006 build. It is still rolling out. Sorry for confusion.


Ah alright, great! Thanks so much!