Degrees in F



Can someone explain to me how to change from Celsius to F for my degrees for my sensors. Have not figured it out yet.


@knaueranthony There is no way to switch degrees in UI yet.
Is this an issue for thermostat widget or some others as well?
You are using Wink, right?


Yes I am using wink but I’m trying to do it doesn’t the weather widget. My thermostat is not supported in wink right now I’m running the T10 also is there anyway to get a camera that’s not supported in wink to show. Say a reolink?


The app integrates directly only with hubs that it turn support all possible devices. So if Wink doesn’t supports something, it would not be possible to connect directly (except using another hub integration).

Weather data might be provided directly by the app in the future outside of any specific integration.