Dimmer or Rollershutter widget enhancement



Hi Igor,

Is it possible to add steps to dimmer / rollershutter widget?

The current rollershutter widget enables me to open or close my rollershutters. Though during daytime I like to set my rollershutters at a certain stand. For example 75% closed to deflect the incoming sun, etc.

I tried to use a dimmer instead the rollershutter, but it’s still drag and play to get it to the correct position and not so easy. Ofcourse I can create an extra rule and bind on a switch for each stand ( 25%, 50%, … ) but that means extra rules/items for something really simple.

Is it for example possible to either add steps to the rollershutter or to dimmer widget to enable this as shown below in the picture:


Release - Beta 16: Security widget

@Wesley_Neij Thanks for posting your idea!
This functionality has been added to Dimmer widget, and will available in the Beta 16 release.

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