Extend Room widget items




it would be great to support also temperature and humidity in the room widget. Is it also planned again to open an extra window after click to add more widgets only for that room? I love that feature in the legacy build.

best regards René

Release - Preview 23: Wink support

Temperature and humidity are added in Preview 23 release.
Regarding extra screen for room widget, there is no immediate plan to add it, but it will be considered in the future based on feedback from the community.



thanks a lot for this wonderful improvement and please add also the extra screen for room widget. This was one of the best features of Rotini it keeps all clean with an much better overview.

best regards René


@igor thanks for this update! can you add air quality as well to the room widget? and something else that i have seen: room temperature is displayed without decimal values. for me this is inaccurate…what do others think? an option could also be to display the more detailled temperature in the extra screen :wink:


coming up in the next batch of improvements for the widget