Few suggestions


Hi Igor,
I have been using your legacy version for several monthj and started to move to the new version.

I have some suggestions:

  1. SWITCH and CONTACT widgets: they should allow me to define the icon and the labels for the ON or OFF state (actually switch can define icon). So I can build my custom switch or contact widget.
  2. TERMOSTAT: I would like to set the min and max values. Also it sould be lockable as other widget do (to avoid involuntary change of the setpoint)
  3. GAUGE: It should be possible to set a MIN point for the widget (example external temp from -20 to +30)
  4. DIMMER: it would be nice if the dimmer widget could contain more than one slider (to save space)
  5. ROOM: (a) it would be nice to insert the dimmer and a contact widget too; (b) it would be nice to write a label for the single room widgets.
  6. GENERAL: it should be nice to set the WIDGET density as in the legacy version. In my phone for example I can fit only 2x3 (=6) switches on the screen.


  1. ROOM: (a) the single widgets sometimes disappear. When you modify the ROOM, adding/deleting some sub-widgets, when you save, only the latest sub-widgets added are shown. Then if you rotate the screen al widgets appear.
    (b) for a couple of times I haven’t been able to change the switch icon. Eventually it changed.
  2. TERMOSTAT (tricky one): I noticed that sometimes when opening the app, the value of the termostat widget is not updated with the current openhab value and it’s displaying the number of the previous reading, assuming that the value has been changed with another app (maybe you cache it somewhere…). The problem is that it happened to me that the widget changed the value of the termostat reverting it to the previous cached value instead of reading the current value.
    (I hope that the example is clear)



Hi @igor,
just would like to know if my suggestions make sense or not.



Yes, definitely. Thank you for provide feedback! I will put more comments on those shortly.