Poll: How important iOS version of the app for you?


How important iOS version of the app for you?

  • It’s a must have
  • It’s preferable, but not crucial
  • Not important

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this is hard, but if you want the app to be widely used it would be a good idea to have use on both platforms. Me personally I use android but my GF uses IOS. If this is specifically for tablets only then I guess just android can work but it limits a wider audience.


@benjimatt I agree that support for most devices is required. This poll is to get a feel of priority from community rather than deciding not to develop iOS altogether. iOS is planned.


I know it’s not iOS related, but I’d like to see Amazon FireOS support. I’d like to pick those up to use as control/visibility devices.


I would suggest to create an idea topic, so community can vote on that.


Will you create iOS app after all the Android beta stuff. About how long will it take to create it. I really like the idea of an easy to use dashboard.