Room Widget Background not loading




I am not able to load the background image for the Room widget. I did the following text based configuration:

                                    "binding": "Rotini_Background_Wohnzimmer"

The openHAB 2 item is an String which contains the correct hyperlink to the picture but it is not loaded. Could somebody share the correct configuration for this feature.

best regards René

Release - Preview 23: Wink support

Can you provide at least rough format of URL that is assigned to Rotini_Background_Wohnzimmer?
There are some constraints on supported URL right for OpenHAB, so that might be an issue.


Yes sure. I tried several ways. The connection to openhab is done via myopenhab and no local connection.

I tried:

over myopenhab

all with the same problem :frowning:


These should have worked. Will check, might be a bug.


Thanks Igor


I still get it not working. Have you checked it with OH2 already?


Yes, it is working for me. I couldn’t find the reason why it wouldn’t yet.
Do you have authentication enabled to access those images in all 3 cases?


Hi I believe I know the problem see below:


The link looks a bit strange. Is this as it should be? Why it is not starting directly with the http://

The item contains the following value:


And your OH instance is not on, since you connect through myopenhab, correct?


I am now in local mode. As I thought the myopenhab is the problem.


ok, and what host (exactly) you entered when configuring platform for local access?

#12 is OH2 Host


I have the same problem where it is putting “api” stuff at the front of my url to the image.


This is fixed for the Preview 23 release


Hi Igor,

the link looks now good, but the background is not loaded over myopenhab connection. Should this work?

myopenhab link:


@rene54321 I didn’t specially check for myopenhab URLs, but can you access that image normally through browser?
If it does work with browser, I’m thinking maybe auth is a problem then.



yes I believe that is the problem. I am only able to load the jpg after authenticating with myopenhab. I use myopenhab connection as Rotini platform to be able to access all items over 4G without VPN to my home, so I thought this is also working as getting the item states.

best regards René


@rene54321 yes, it should’ve worked. Assuming you have part included in the item state, can you try without it? E.g. /static/rotini/living-room.jpg



The item contains this link:

If I open this link in the browser I need to authticate. After successful authentication the Screenshot is loaded.


Can you try putting relative link as item value: /static/rotini/living-room.jpg?