Show items to binding


Hi Igor

It seems the app doesn’t show items to binding, only appears blank gray screen, sometimes with using simply save button , I’m able to see items to bindings,but it happens with most of the widgets.
Installation based on OH 2.4, Application is installed on Android 8.0.0 , Samsung S7
Please advice.
Thanks in advance!



I have also noticed that on the latest version (April 2019) I can no longer bind to an item… Just get the search option now…


@TommySharp What widget/property did you try it with? What device/OS version?


LG Pad 7 running 4.4

And also…

Essential Phone running 9.0


Was trying to add a shutter widget…


@TommySharp Thanks for the info. Also, what widgets/properties did you try and it wasn’t working?


It was the “Shutter” widget in the UI… It wouldn’t let me pick any “state” items…
I just realised now that you are filtering the items returned so maybe my system doesn’t have any valid items for a “state” binding? What kind of item would that be in OH?


Assuming you mean state property when shutter widget in shutter mode, only Rollershutter items are bindable to that property.


Okay that was the problem… Changed the shutter to “trigger” mode and then could pick my items for the button and sensor :slight_smile: