Shutter Widget - No Control/Status



I am able to bind my garage door cover but no status is shown in the widget and it is unable to control the garage door cover

Release - Preview 18: Phone support

Please provide more information such as: app version, ha version, which cover component is used.


Latest version of Home assistant and app.

and here is my cover.

  • platform: mqtt
    name: “Garage_Door”
    state_topic: “smartthings/Garage Door/door”
    command_topic: “smartthings/Garage Door/door”
    retain: true
    payload_open: “open”
    payload_close: “closed”
    state_open: “open”
    state_closed: “closed”


Great, thanks for the info. Will update.


Same problems here, control not possible, but status is shown right.

Home assistant + Homematic CCU


@thunderre Thanks for the reporting.
There is a general issue HA cover integration. Fix is in progress.


Fix will be available in the next release


Having the same problem I think. Running the newest version of Rotini and HA. When binding a cover from HA I can see the icon changing on/off when pressing the arrow-up/down in the app. But nothing happens to the actual cover. In HA I can manually trigger the cover by using cover.open_cover, cover.stop_cover and cover.close_cover. These versions of covers that I have don´t report back a specific value, so you can´t control them and see if they are like 20% open or so. Can this be a problem perhaps?


@Joesaar That might be the issue. What is the actual cover device are you using?


It is a covermotor with integrated 433Mhz reciever. So it is a one-way communication to them. They have end positions set, so if they just start moving they will stop automatically and the top and bottom. When i bind the cover to a switch witget instead it is working. But if possible I would like to have it working with the cover widget also, since it is more easy with the arrows and you also have the stop-function by pressing the icon in the middle (?) if I would like to have them halfway down. In HA they seem to have the status OPEN and CLOSED as attributes.


Could it be possible to add an option in the shutter-widget like say “basic-mode” that doesn´t need/uses any values of the shutter? Just sends the commands? If at all that is the problem here?
Might not be as simple as that but just thinking out loud…


Small update:
Added two Fibaro Roller Shutter FGR222 (Z-wave) today that is also reporting back a value in how far they are opened.
These are is working perfect with the Shutter-widget in Rotini.

Still in need of a fix for my other blinds if possible.


Ok, am running the beta3 version now and testing my shutters.

Still the same problem with my “no-value” shutters.
Nothing happens when telling them to open or close with the shutter-widget.
Binding them to a switch-widget makes them go fully down or fully up, no function to stop them att desired height. (But still a working solution)

And the Z-wave shutters that reports a value I have one small issue with:
When having them at say 60% open and either closes them more or opens them up I get a nice “stop”-icon. But when pushing this icon the shutter goes back to 60%. If I tap the stop-icon twice in a row it stops (as one would like on the first press)

(Don´t know if this was the same behavior in beta2 version as well…)


I’m running beta 10 and my HA cover (open garage) does not activate the garage door or show the door status. Is a fix coming? HA version is 0.87.