Text Config : Columns and Rows reversed?


I suspect that the columns and rows setting for the dashboard are being used the wrong way round… I’m finding if I adjust the rows then my widgets are actually changing width…
I’d expect that if I change the number of rows then the widgets should get taller or shorter…


I current have the config file to 10 columns and 6 rows… But the result is actually 6 columns and 10 rows…

Although if I flip my tablet to landscape then the number of rows and columns reverses and is correct.

Is the assumption that most dashboards will be in landscape mode?


Yes, this is definitely an oversight in naming. Since the same layout is used for both orientation, landscape plays sort of default orientation role. But it is obvious how it is confusing for portrait-first device.


So this is different in portrait and landscape? Doesn’t make too much sense to me. Flat and wide widgets in one layout are long and narrow in the other one. Thinking about pictures and charts, they might become useless when flipping the device.


The config is designed to match the landscape in terms of rows/columns and just reverses in portrait. Given that most of the users have dashboard on a stationary tablet, changing orientation should not something that is done much after initial setup. Therefore, just reverse layout in portrait was a reasonable compromise, short of asking user to setup dashboard for both orientations.
Handheld devices is a different story of course, so there is a room for improvement here.


My devices are both handheld and mounted. In that they magnet to the wall and charge wirelessly. This way you can walk into a room and pull a tablet off of the wall and use it as a handheld if needed. Just my 2 cents