Thermostat Widget



I have my ecobee thermostat bound to the thermostat widget but no data is shown.


i’ve the netatmo and the same problem :wink:


is this a bug or just my setup? Still having the issue.


@MikeD Can you make a screenshot of Widget editor with that thermostat widget?



Confirmed that State and Fan options have bugs for Ecobee integration. Not sure why Target temperature not showing though yet.

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This is still an issue. Is there anything I can do to help you resolve this?


@MikeD The fix for ecobee is in progress. Should be ready most likely for the next release.


Same issue after the update. I tried removing the widget and re-adding.


The latest release had only the partial fix. Please wait until the next release for a fix.


It’s still an issue. Has the fix been applied?


No, there are still unresolved issues with thermostat widget, so it needs more time.
I will update this thread when it is fixed.

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Thermostat should be working as of latest Beta 11 release. Please post if problem is still there.


I also have an issue my acnis off but it shows this in app:

But hass has this :slightly_smiling_face:

If I turn off the AC by function it also shows off in app widget


@Thorsten_Frohlich what is the thermostat brand?


It’s a custom component for xiaomi ir blaster …I think I saw the issue …there’s operation mode Off with capital letters I guess it’s this.let me investigate a bit and I’ll revert


@Thorsten_Frohlich is Off mode a custom string you configured or that would be default from Xiaomi custom component?