Rotini Legacy to HomeHabit Journey


Hey @Igor can you explain how this works better in the new version?


@TommySharp Shutter widget has a trigger mode that allows binding of two separate items: trigger (e.g. switch) and sensor (e.g. contact). State of the shutter will be taken from the sensor item.


Woo Hoo, OpenHAB cover image is now working :slight_smile:



New “Trigger” option on the Shutter widget now lets me easily create a properly working widget for my gate and garage! Nice work @igor

I’m also liking the new colour thresholds on the Gauge widget.

I’ve added a linear gauge now, at the current font size there is definitely room for two gauges in the same space… Current a lot of blank space above and below the line… Something like download and upload speed in a gauge group or something?

  • Ideally Scene widgets should show the label at the top when the style is “mode”.
  • DONE! My decimal numbers are too big and about the same size as the whole numbers.
  • DONE! : Webcam images would look better “stretched”
  • Being able to set a widget as “read only” would be great
  • DONE! Media widget needs support for cover art from OpenHAB image item.
  • Media widget needs a couple more controls like volume and power.
  • Play button on media widget doesn’t seem to work
  • Prev/Next buttons on media widget do nothing
  • Use Font Awesome for extra custom icons?
  • DONE! Decimal values in widgets too big
  • DONE! Setting up a garage/gate widget that works for me is still overly complicated involving extra hidden items and rules…


Hi Guys,
My last post I have committed in dead thread so once again:
@igor I’m trying to switch from Legacy to HH but I’m facing two problems:

  1. Dimmer/Rollershutter - in Legacy version I used light-dimmer widget for both dimmers and rollershutters it was nice, useful and space-saving solution, is there any way to reproduce it(ie. gauge with write function)? For me sliders will be too big or not enough precise. Unfortunately I also will experience sharp drop of WAF.
  2. Thermostat - someone has already asked about it, is there any way to customize this widget (ie. only binded values will show)? In Legacy version temperature widget had only temp/hum values and exactly this two I need to show in HH.
    I found it @ room widget, but again, I don’t need image. Is it possible to hide not binded elements?