Transformed strings from Openhab are not shown correctly in Value widget




Why is HomeHabit (like rotini before) ignoring my translation in strings?

I am using openhab transformation services
My openhab sitemap shows the correct way, only homehabit is ignoring this.

Language support

@Boogieman Openhab data comes from items, not sitemaps, so transformations do not apply to items.



For example i am using items like this:

String testitem "Testitem [MAP(]" {binding} for example:


So the translation should be shown ?!
Or am I wrong?


In this particular case, if this is used as contact sensor, then the app UI has its own text for open/closed state.
Transformed strings might be possible to use but only in certain case, like in widgets that show value as is such as Value widget, but I don’t think this is what you are looking for.


That is exactly what I want. Open/Close was only an example. I know that there are sensor Widgets.
I want to use this translation in value widgets, but it doesn’t work. It stays in the original value and not in translation.


Got it. Let me see what can be done about that.

(Going to move last few posts into separate thread)


Is there something new about this or multilanguage support at all?